Levelups Series 10 800 KVA


(Three Phase / Three Phase)

Three Level Rectifier & Inverter Technology Ultra High Energy Efficiency

Three Level Rectifier & Inverter Techonogy
Output Power Factor 1 (kVA=KW)
True On Line-Double Conversion Technology (Class VFI-SS-111)
IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology
DSP Control
Ultra High Efficiency up to 96%
Low Input Current THD (<3%)
High Input Power Factor (>0.99)
Dual Input (Optional)
Optional DC/DC Charger/Booster
Wide Input Voltage Range (Optional)
Advanced Battery Management
Short Circuit and Overload Protection
Paralellable Modules up to 8 units
500 Real Time Event Log with Detailed Parameters
Static&Manual Bypass Operation
• Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance
Advanced Communication Capabilities
Perfect Generator Compatibility
Customizable as Frequency Converter